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About Australia and New Zealand Education Group

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Australia and New Zealand Education Group provides free, expert and independent consultation service for anyone looking to study in Australia and New Zealand. We also represent selected institutions from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, only the insitutions that fit into our selection of criteria.


At Australia and New Zealand Education Group, we believe that every international student should be able to receive high quality education and enjoyable learning experiences as an integral part of their learning and development towards their future success.

Become and be seen, our clients and partners, as the leading education agent that provides free high quality services and always delivers customer satisfaction for international students as our clients.


Australia and New Zealand Education Group we will seek to:

  • Set clear expectations of what each student can achieve through his or her education.

  • Actively listen to students and take account of what they say and try to understand their needs.

  • Actively listen to parents take account of what they say and try to understand their views.

  • Analyse and advise suitable courses and institutions within the right budget.

  • Australia and New Zealand Education Group counsellors will try our best to ensure the process of applying to schools, colleges or TAFE or Polytec, or universities is as straightforward and stress-free as possible for you.

Our Values: What we stand for

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are the most essential qualities that everyone should possess within Australia and New Zealand Education Group. We believe trust and respect only can be gained through honesty and integrity.

We always strive for open, honest and two-way communication with our customers and partners.


We commit to outstanding client services and highest quality works in meeting our clients’ needs and wants. We understand that "continuous evaluation and improvement" is an essential component of achieving excellence.


Through our knowldege and expriences in global education, we are able to provide accurate information about courses in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We will listen to each student and his or her parents about their needs and wants. Moreover, we are commited with heart and mind to assist them the best we can.


Aussie Flag"ANZ Education Group is the official education agent for high quality education institutions, schools, colleges and universities in Australia, New Zealand" .

NZ Flag"We only represent selected education institutions in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia that fit into our selection of criteria".


About Our Services:
    The most important factor as a main capital to get success study abroad is mastery English language. We can provide advice about which English test you should take IELTS / iBT (TOEFL). We can advice how you should learn IELTS/ iBT (TOEFL).
    Our friendly and expert education counsellors can help you to get the complete information about study field, career prospect, destination city and school, college or university based on your interest, skill and budget. We also can help you to apply.... For more info click here....